Sunday, June 8, 2008

Break up...

Today i totally skipped school. I couldn't face reality yet. I couldn't believe. and i didn't understand. I thought she was prefect. She had even acted like she was. But she was not stable. She had options and i wasn't the only one. She had taste but i was stale. She had fun but i did not. She had planned but i was unaware. She had lied but i believed. She had signaled but i didn't see. She had said but the words were lost to me. She had tried but i did not know. She had done it and i am broken. She had hinted but i was blind. She is still trying but not for me. She is still yearning but she yearns not of me. She had agreed but even friendship can die. She had believed and so had i. Is there a chance, she said there isn't. Is there another, she had admitted yes. Is there love, she said that was better. Is there hope, but i am not in it. Is there any payback, she said she would. Is it true, surely not enough. Is it going to last, that is her last option.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Penultimate Exam

Teehee... It's the second last day of my exam. So happy.... Too bad I fell sick during the exam. was so groggy and didn't do well for the exam. Aiks.... Hmmm... Tomorrow is the last day!!!!! but I have to read sejarah and revise my maths. I'm so glad thats its almost over! Happy happy!! Haha. Plus... It going to have fun tomorrow. Lots of fun! Can't wait!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome Aireanrhod!

Today im starting a new blog... Well. I couldn't sign in to my old one thats why. Haha... Who cares? So i guess i have to treat this blog like a dairy. Sooo.......... Keep out strangers!